Overview Presentation

We have a brand-new presentation that provides an overview of The Youth Legacy Foundation with lots of photos from our activities and events. Take a look and let us know what you think! CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT…. If you would like to have us come and present to your group, we invite you to […]

Upcoming Events & Activities

Please join us for activities and events! If you would like to hear more or to participate please email bridget@youthlegacyfoundation.org or call 612-293-7008. Click here for our e-newsletter library…. Here’s our Google Calendar:

You Decide the Activity & Getting Started

At YLF, youth leaders give to the community.  Students and parents, if you would like to suggest a project or program, let us know by emailing bridget@youthlegacyfoundation.org or calling 612-293-7008.  While we get more project suggestions than the resources we have available to accommodate everyone, we love the idea of student-suggested projects.  Projects should be safe […]

Program Listing & Benefits: for youth, parents, and volunteers

Fun and interesting programs!  We NEED youth with disabilities. They have much to offer and we need to make sure that they are included in our democracy and are able to achieve full community inclusion, access, and participation. We at The Youth Legacy Foundation know that with everyone’s support, we can make a difference and […]

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