We NEED youth with disabilities.

They have much to offer and we need to make sure that they are included in our democracy and are able to achieve full community inclusion, access, and participation. We at The Youth Legacy Foundation know that with everyone’s support, we can make a difference and create a world that is better for all of us.

So what is a legacy? It is your mark on the world, and what you create during your lifetime that lives on. It is how you are remembered. Your legacy is about what you did during your lifetime for others, in service to your community. It is the difference that you make and the good that you do by giving of yourself and your talents and gifts.

Following are the current programs that The Youth Legacy Foundation offers. By participating in one or more of these programs, youth have the opportunity to gain experience as leaders emerging into adulthood.




Individualized volunteer matching and facilitation 

Personalized support – in-person interview and follow-up meetings

Customized portfolio using YLF process

Adapted volunteer program – accommodations negotiated

On-site coaching during volunteer activities

Get active building your chosen legacy

Develop competency and skill sets

Increased employability

Introduction to various community engagement opportunities

Preparation for additional opportunities

Letters of Recommendation for college and employment


Demonstrate your abilities

Make a difference and change the world




Based on portfolio and interview, connect with activities

Mainstream leadership pursuits

Coordination, referrals, and facilitation, networking across communities

Community inclusion achieved in diverse community engagement

Training around volunteerism, citizenship, and legacy building

Celebrate community

Foster disability power and pride

Enhance creativity and enthusiasm

Build resistance to bullying

Expanded “life vision”

Personal growth

Assertiveness, positive attitude, self-confidence

Public speaking

Community inclusion and participation

Self-directed living

Recognition for your talents, abilities, and gifts



Connect with disability leaders and industry professionals

Supportive relationships that aid planning, activities, and legacy building

Nurturing of life goals and dreams

Expanded community access

Increased opportunities to advance in education and employment

Benefit from expertise and leadership of successful people

Inspire entrepreneurial spirit and endeavors



Peer support 

Enhanced learning

Share experiences and personal growth

Discuss progress in making a positive impact on communities

Meet people of all backgrounds

Make friends


Participation in college/university student groups network – shared information, best practices, resources, ideas, experiences, and collective support

Leverage your leadership



Following are some of the activities that our youth have been involved in include:

Monthly Leadership Brunches 

Tuesdays at the Capitol

Volunteer Service Activities

Self-Advocacy Conference

Art Activities

Advisory Councils