Disability Equality Training Series

Advocating Change Together (ACT) asked us to work together on this exciting program. It’s a leadership development training for people across age and disability.

Advocating Change Together is a nationwide leader in developing and presenting human rights training to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A group of two self-advocates and an ally will present to a group of 10-12 learners. We can meet at your school or another location where youth are gathered together, or choose a location that works well for the group. People with all disabilities of all ages are encouraged to join, and we would like youth representation. There are 12 sessions.

-Interactive, hands-on & fun
-Greater confidence
-Assertiveness practice
-Communication skills
-Learn about disability rights history
-Building personal power and strong communities
-Meet new people
-Professional development
-Mentoring & peer mentoring
-Free use of materials for the project period: online training, step-by-step printed instructions, how-to videos
-Possible stipend to offset costs, such as transportation, room rental, etc.

You may respond to this email or call 612-272-0281 to inquire. We hope to hear from you!

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