Youth Leadership Impact

Many of us have been inspired by the leadership of youth in our country, and for good reason. They are impressive and seem beyond their years. They are examples of what youth are capable of.

Throughout history, we have seen numerous examples of youth leadership, but this is especially poignant for us because we are connected with it at this moment in time in history.

Some of us are/were youth leaders ourselves. It’s a time to reflect on the enormous power that youth have to affect change in their communities. Let’s encourage them.

Youth with disabilities are part of this, and have been engaged in their communities. We are not always aware of it, however.


Right now, we have an opportunity to continue to build momentum and further cultivate disabled youth leadership. There are many ways they can get involved, and it often starts locally – and with what matters to that person.


The Youth Legacy Foundation is a free resource that offers connections, networks, and mentorship to facilitate access to community-based opportunities. We are here to listen and offer information that support this.

Getting started is the next step for some. For others, it’s taking their participation to another level or area.

Let us know what you’re interested in! Think of us as your support system for youth leadership!

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A majority of our work focuses on communications, collaboration and outreach. We are a small all-volunteer group.

Please feel free to contact us if you have information that you think would be valuable to share with our network of about 2,000 people. Check us out on Facebook!

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